Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lakwatseros TV on GMA News TV Channel on Saturdays!

Lakwatseros TV are formerly known as "Trippers" that aired their first season on ANC (The ABS CBN News Channel), Sundays 9:30 am.

For their second season, they found new home at GMA News TV Channel 11 on Saturdays at 830 to 900am starting June 4.

Their segments include the following:
Food Trip - They try the local cuisine of their featured destinations.
Lakwatsa Challenege - They challenge theirselves to the extremes of what the place has to offer.
FYI - The details one should know about the place. They give trivia and fun facts that will enrich the viewers' minds.
Learning the Dialect - They will learn and share the basic expressions and greetings of the dialect being used in that featured place.

Lakwatseros TV's mission is to 1) Have Fun 2) Travel and 3) Be a Hero.
They turn a traditionally 'soft' topic like travel to be more in-depth and challenging by delving into the politics, history, geography, and the must-knows of a destination. More than sightseeing, tasting the local cuisine, and showcasing popular attractions, they closely look into the culture and lifetyle of the locals. Their interaction with them will help them appreciate, understand, and explore the richness of their featured destinations.

They also promote social responsibility that accompanies the notion of traveling. The program aims to be proactive in addressing these challenges to fellow Laktwaseros out there.

Destinations on the first season: Metro Manila, Tuguegarao, Ilocos Sur, Isabela, Rio Tuba, Palawan, Surigao, Boraca, Siargao, Butuan, Davao, Eastern Visayas, Baguio, and Cebu.

They have two hosts, JL Asayo and  Anzo Arlan. JL is a former News and Information Correspondent in TV5 and has received an award for "Community Pillar" during the 2nd Gawad Justice Felixe Angelo Bautista. Anzo, on the other hand, is part-time TVand print model who is now a student of ABS CBN Star Magic.

Follow them in instagram @lakwatserotv, like their fb page and use these hashtags #lakwatseros #lakwatserostv.


bastos na crew ng Lakwatseros....
buti na lang di na uso headhunting sa mga taga Kalinga kundi di na naka alis ng buhay tong mga ito...

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