Sunday, April 2, 2017

Libaas Souq Summer Kaftans Dresses

Libaas /leh-bahz/ Souq represents the “Indiarabia” aesthetic—a unique combination of the colorful and exotic appeal of hand-embroidered kaftans, sairs and kurtis and the refined and mysterious appeal of middle eastern sensibilities that we’ve reinterpreted to suit the modern tastes and lifestyles of our main target market: fun-loving, dynamic and confident women.

Their products are carefully sourced from the works of local artisans from different parts of India and Middle East to create a well-curated collection of stylish finds.

The first collection launched is an assortment of embroidered kaftans with traditional Indian embroidery as seen below:

The prices range from Php 800 to Php 950. Their brand have originally started operations in the Middle East, specifically in Bahrain and Dubai, and is now starting to create a marketing presence here in the Philippines. Kat Buyoc is the co-owner of an upcoming a clothing and lifestyle brand under the Ylla Shoes's umbrella company called Libaas /leh-bahz/ Souq.

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