Saturday, July 8, 2017

Firefly Roofdeck Offers a Festive Pinoy Style Street Food Buffet – Grand Banchetto

City Garden Grand Hotel is bringing a new set of Filipino dishes in a unique dining style concept. Varieties of mouth-watering Filipino street food cuisines will be ready to serve in a Banchetto style dining experience located on top of the Makati City. Banchetto comes from an Italian word which means “a feast”, nowadays, it is popularly known as a food destination of a street food night market, which became famous because of its unique concept, festive atmosphere and appetizing food selections. Inspired by these kind of concept, City Garden Grand Hotel creates a Banchetto dining experience closer to its guests.

City Garden Grand Hotel presents to you the “Grand Banchetto” featuring Filipino street food dishes at Firefly Roofdeck. Instead of experiencing Banchetto in the streets we bring it up, wherein you can have a breath taking view of the Makati City Skyline, while indulging on your favourite Filipino street food cuisines and fulfilling your cravings with charred to perfection hot off the grill and bitten right off the skewers dishes specially prepared by our Executive Chef, Chef Dennis Peralta, and his team.

With a variety of dishes to choose from for only Php 490.00/ NET per person, the Grand Banchetto offers delectable selections of “tuhog-tuhog” and “pika-pika” foods, from the exotic yet satisfyingly good dishes like “Grilled Chicken, Pork, and cow Intestines”, “Balut”, “Grilled Chicken Tail/Butt”, going to the all-time favourites like “Fishballs and Squidballs”, “Siomai”, “Takoyaki”, and etc., we have it all here. These Filipino street food selections are good to be partnered with our signature cocktails and mocktails at Firefly Roofdeck Bar. Firefly Roofdeck’s Grand Banchetto will be available starting July 1, 2017, from 6pm up to 12mn. Grab your best friend, your barkada or your family and have a taste of Pinoy street food in a different dining style at the roof deck bar of City Garden Grand Hotel. Firefly Roofdeck is located at the 32nd Floor of City Garden Grand Hotel. For inquiries and reservations, please feel free to contact Firefly Roofdeck at (+632) 554-3429.


Liempo Bbq (Grilled Pork Belly)
Pork Bbq
Pork Ear
Pork Intestine
Chicken Gizzard
Chicken Feet
Chicken Bbq
Pork Siomai
Dynamite (Fried Green Chili Pepper with Stuffed Pork, wrapped in Lumpia)
Kwek-Kwek (Fried hard-boiled quail eggs dipped in reddish batter)
Tokneneng (Fried hard-boiled chicken eggs dipped in reddish batter)
Chicken Intestine
Kikiam (minced pork and shrimp, wrapped in bean curd sheet)
Squid Ball
Balut (boiled fertilized duck egg)
Puto Bumbong (glutinous rice cooked in bamboo cone)
Bibingka (Rice Cake)
Chicken Butt
Crispy Isaw
Tokwa’t Baboy (Mixed boiled pork and fried tofu)
Sinugbang Baboy (Cebuano style grilled pork)
Sago’t Gulaman (Sweetened Tapioca and Jelly)
Bananacue (Sugar coated banana fritters)
Kamotecue (Sugar coated Sweet Potato Fritters)
Turon (Deep fried banana wrapped in lumpia)
Longga Batutay (Nueva Ecija’s Sweet Sausage)
Mais (Grilled Corn)
California Maki
Cheese Stick
Beef Isaw (Skewered beef intestine)

About the Chef:

Chef Dennis Peralta – Executive Chef, City Garden Grand Hotel

Chef Dennis Peralta is a 23 year veteran of the Culinary Arts with Posts held at notable establishments around the world, including a three year stint learning and working under father and son Michelin Star Awardees, Chef Daniel and Chef Stephanie Chambon. Chef Dennis’ vast experiences allowed him to get a firm grasp on international flavours including Asian, Continental, Mediterranean, Fusion, and Australia Rim Cuisines.

On his previous careers, Chef Dennis worked with prestigious companies in the hotel and restaurant industry. Few among his noteworthy working experiences, he has work for five years in Resorts World Manila (Maxims Hotel) as Executive Sous Chef – Executive Chef from August 2010 to August 2013 and became Director for Culinary from August 2013 to March 2015. He has served as the Vice President of the Hotel and Restaurants Chefs Association of the Philippines (HRCAP) and has awarded as coach at the 2012-2014 National Food Showdown Competition. He was also a celebrity chef in GMa’s 7 morning show Unang Hirit and was a Culinary Consultant Hunt for Hunts – Universal Robina Corporation in the year 2004. With all his experiences, Chef Dennis truly established his name in the industry.

Currently the Executive Chef of City Garden Grand Hotel, Chef Dennis excitingly introduces his idea of a Banchetto dining in the hotel’s roof deck bar and restaurant, the Firefly Roofdeck, featuring Filipino street food cuisines. His idea was inspired by Larsian Barbecue, a food haven and a tourist attraction as well in Cebu City, which has several barbecue stalls sells sumptuous yet affordable grilled dishes.

Meet City Garden Grand Hotel’s New F&B Manager – Johnson Del Valle

City Garden Grand Hotel welcomes their new Food and Beverage Manager, Mr Johnson Del Valle. A truly experienced man and enthusiastic professional with more than 14 years of experience in hospitality industry. He has established an outstanding records on Cruise Ship, Traditional Hotel, Hotel Casino and Restaurant environment. He is a seasoned F&B Operations Manager with demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Hospitality Management, Pre-opening, Food & Beverage, Casino gaming, Customer service and successful track record in Cruise ship, strong operations professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Before joining City Garden Grand Hotel, he had work in hotel and restaurant companies here and abroad. He start his career at Raffles Hotel in Singapore, joined onboard at Holland America Line – five star cruise ship from 2003-2013, wherein he hone and familiarized himself in the food and beverages industry.

In 2014, He worked at NIU by Vikings, a fine dining buffet restaurant, as a Bar and Restaurant Manager. After a year, he transferred to City of Dreams Manila where he worked as a Food and Beverages Operations Manager in Chaos Night Club and Pangaea Ultra Lounge. With his experience, he had gained countless accomplishments in the hotel and restaurant business.


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